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CD RELEASE SHOW:   May 25, 2002 (Saturday) 9:30pm - 11:30pm

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From the mind of the Bass Player...
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Side 1 Side 2
No Shame Trading Sleep
Stealing Words Youphorya
Mad With You People
Routine Hero To Human
Boxsong Ground Beneath
Grey Neon Signs
Gratitude All Around You
First Kiss 3:44 (bouns track)

*Please note: This is a CD and there are not 2 sides.

From the mind of the Bass Player...

I should note that on most of these songs there are more than one bass line. The album is best heard through decent headphones. There is so much done with textures and multi-tracking of various instruments and sound effects that you will most likely not hear it all on regular speakers. Enjoy!     -ryan

No Shame - This was one of the first songs I created a bass line for since joining Creeker. Several bass notes have been re-created and replaced with synth sounds making it very interesting to listen to.

Stealing Words - The main bass line is played by Matt. My part in this song is more as a 'solo' bass in the ending jam section starting at about 2:32. We did several random takes and David chopped up and picked out sections he liked for the song. Some of his choices really amuse me. Our "Live Version" ending jam consists of Ponder (sax) and myself trading lines.

Mad With You - This one is really fun to play. Possibly the favorite of mine to play of the bass lines I came up with. (I still think the best bass line on the album was played by David (or was it Matt??) on the beginning groove of "First Kiss"). There are a few bass-related high points on this song that still impress me..."I came up with THAT?? COOL!"

Routine - This song had basically been finished by Matt before I was really in the band. Live it is re-created seemingly note for note.

Boxsong - Another very Matt-written song. I play much of the middle jam section, but have occasional trade-offs with Matt. If you pay close attention you can hear our different bass tones and can tell when it switches, and who is playing what.

Grey - This bass line had been written by David (another one of my favorites). The only thing I expanded on is the pre-chorus part, but barely. Also, more of my 'bass solo' spots appear at the end of this song.

Gratitude - Another of the few lines written by me. Its really quite simple, but the song doesn't seem to call for much more.

First Kiss - Didn't play on this song, but the beginning groove is my favorite line on the entire album...Hero-Worship goes to David.

Trading Sleep - This short-er song on the album is split between Matt and myself. He plays the verse sections and I play the chorus-part. Its fairly simple and to the point.

Youphorya - This song is also split between Mat and myself. He originally wrote the bass line for this song. I believe the final take is mostly me because the feel changed as the song was being tracked. I LOVE the guitar part that comes in at 5:42 and on. I swear it could have been on a later Beatles album.

People - Didn't play the main bass line to this song, I'm doing little 'fills' that you can hear after the final vocals and the song starting around 1:50 and on. The main bass line is simple, but keeps the song moving along. I really like playing it live. Will did a great job on the fade-out percussion solo...gotta love it!

Hero To Human - At the last minute this song was re-tracked by me in one take, and from what I remember most of it made the album. This was mostly because we were playing it with a little different feel than it was at its creation, mostly playing the beginning bass line with a more percussive feel. For the most part, it stays very true to what Matt created.

Ground Beneath - This might be my favorite song on the entire CD. The only part I am playing is the little melody high on the bass neck both times at the end of the chorus. I think David played the main bass on this one.

Neon Signs - Another great song and bass line I wish I could say I played or wrote, but unfortunately did neither.

All Around You - This is another line that had been written by Matt and evolved over a few months of rehearsal with me playing it. I stayed very true to the feel he was going for and expanded on a few parts as well. Most notably on the chorus. That popped out about a week before the album was finished and just HAD to be on there.

3:44 - This spacey 'lullaby' wraps up the disk with very simple and to the point melodies by all instruments, bass included. The 6/8 line repeats and repeats with 4 different endings that rotate.

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